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Use Case

As an Issue Matrix user, I would like to copy the values of custom fields from a source issue to destination linked issues, created with the "Create and Link" action.


Issue Matrix allows you to configure "Create and Link" actions in Issue Links mode. You can configure the Project, the Issue type and the Link type for the "Create and Link" action in the configuration (check the Create and Link Actions Botron Document). A key point in this scenario is adding the Linked issues to the "Create" screen after you configure a "Create and Link" action.

Issue Matrix does not support copying values of chosen custom fields from source issues to issues created using "Create and Link" action. You can achieve this use case, by using Issue Matrix in combination with third-party apps that provide features to copy custom field values.

Here is a list of apps, which allow you to copy field values to linked issues:

  • JIRA Suite Utilities (JSU)
  • Automation for JIRA
  • JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE)

The steps below describe how to complete the copy scenario by using the Issue Matrix app in combination with the JIRA Suite Utilities (JSU) app. With the JSU, on the "Create" transition in the current project's workflow, you can use its post-function called "Copy Value From Other Field (JSU)". 


  1. Install Issue Matrix.
  2. Create a custom field of type Issue Matrix and choose "Issue Links" mode in the configuration.
  3. Configure a "Create and Link" action in the Issue Links mode. (for details, check the Create and Link Actions Botron Document)
  4. Add the Linked Issues to the "Create" screen for the current project. (for details, check the Defining a screen Atlassian document)
  5. Install the JIRA Suite Utilities (JSU) app.
  6. On the Issues→Workflows page in JIRA, find the workflow for your current project.
  7. On the "Create" transition in the workflow, add post-function copying custom fields from the source issue to the linked issues.

Select the "Create" transition and click on the "Post Functions" link.

Use the "Add post function" link on the transition's page. Then, from the list with post functions, choose and enable the "Copy Value From Other Field" post function.

Configure the post function and point the desired custom fields.

Make sure that the post function is executed after the "Creates the issues originally" step.

8. Open your issue and in the Issue Matrix table, use the "Create and Link" action.

9. After you create the new issue, the desired custom fields are copied successfully.

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